---[b]TIMELINE OF HORSESHIT[/b]--- 6/1/13 - Got drunk 6/1/13 - Created the improv team [/b]Horseshit[/b] 6/1/13 - "I'm gonna add whoever the fuck I want to this team." 6/1/13 - Pickin out a SWEET pic for the Horseshit page 6/1/13 - DONEZO.. Now to watch Netflix 6/3/13 - Brady O'Callahan comments that he wants to book Horseshit 6/3/13 - Brady O'Callahan forced to join Horseshit 6/4/13 - Wrote a poem (not related to Horseshit) 6/4/13 - Told Brady there was an employee handbook. (There's not). Feel bad about starting this team with lies already. But we don't have a handbook because we're not a corporation. 6/4/13 - FUCK IT, we're a corporation! 6/4/13 - Need a lawyer. One who knows Horseshit when they see it. 6/14/13 - Discussed important Horseshit matters with Brady at 2nd Official Gentlemen's Summit. Drank whiskey. Did some unofficial scouting. Could YOU be the next member of legendary improv team, Horseshit? 7/4/13 - Monje forced himself on Horseshit after following Randy to a Rooftop 4th of July party 7/6/13 - Monje called my face Horseshit. Now it's our new team pic 7/13/13 - Brady adds Kiki Mikkelsen to the team without asking based on recent IRC thread development. Wonders if she'll notice/be cool with it. 8/3/13 - At Ace Bar, Randy asks Kiki if she noticed. Kiki: "I don't really go on improvteams that much so no" She's very happy to be on board. 8/11/13 - Jon Monje posts a link to this page on Brentt Harshman's facebook profile at 5:04am. Brentt takes this as an invitation to be a part of this team, he happily and enthusiastically accepts. 8/24/13 - Following the shit show of Warren's Summer Daze, Kiki confesses to Randy she's finally drunk enough to add a member. Drew Freed, come on down! 8/26/13 - Brentt snuck onto this team using illegal campaign donations. Dirty birdy! Politicial scandal! Off to the Sarlacc pit! 9/1/13 - Randy here, we were just kidding about Brentt. He's great. He's back on the team! 9/5/13 - That was not me Randy. Brentt is gonna get straight horse-trampled for this. Off the team! 3/2/14 - Brentt Harshman was welcomed back on the team with open arms. He is definitely a human being.